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Fix toilet leaks and Leaking Taps

There are few things more annoying at any hour than the constant dripping of a tap or the continuous partial flushing of a toilet. Apart from the irritation factor, however, such leaks can escalate and cause far greater problems if left undiagnosed or damaged.

Sydney Metropolitan Plumbing Services also offers a complete maintenance and leak detection service in which we carefully search your property for leaks in taps, toilets and pipes. Once detected, leaks are then repaired and serviced regularly to minimise any costly future problems.

Fix Toilet Problems Fast to Save Money Now and in the Future

Any toilet leak wastes not only many litres of water, but also money because you have to pay for it on your bill each month. Also, an ongoing leak can damage your home’s structural strength and even encourage the growth of dangerous mould. Luckily, toilet repairs can usually be handled very quickly and without spending much money as long as you call the right professional plumber for help.

Any sign of condensation, drips, or puddles near the bottom or sides of your toilet indicates a problem that should be handled quickly. Do not delay in calling a local plumber such as Sydney Metro Plumbing to stop any potential water damage in its tracks.

How to Tell if Your Toilet is Leaking

Decides water pooling on the floor around the toilet, there are other telltale signs that this type of problem exists and needs attention. Keep an eye on the area and checked regularly to catch problems before they become more serious.

  • After flushing, the water from the tank refills. If this water continues to flow into the bowl, obvious from agitation on the water surface, this indicates a leak in the system and a continuous waste of water.
  • Any water on the exterior surfaces of the cistern or bowl or on the floor surrounding it indicates a likely problem with the cistern itself. While it is possible that the toilet bowl is cracked, the most likely culprit is the holes where the bolts go through. This could be as simple as replacing some washers or you may need an entirely new toilet structure.
  • Water stains, that could be brown or white if you have hard water, outside or inside the toilet bowl can indicate a continuous slow leak that should be fixed.

Toilet Repair Services We Offer

We are happy to help you with these and other toilet repair tasks:

  • Repair of interior leaks indicated by drips and noises from inside the tank or bowl
  • Repair exterior leaks between tank and bowl or in the base ceramic pan
  • Find and seal smaller, silent leaks that waste water continuously
  • Restore proper function if flushing has become weak or ineffective
  • Replace the entire toilet structure in the case of irreparable damage or wear

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